Sermon Illustrations

I feel nudged up into sharing this experience. Usually, life brings with it its mysteries where at times you enjoy the Lord’s abundant provision while on other occasions you enjoy lack! In this particular day, we had no electricity in the house and there was no kerosene to light up the kerosene lantern. Worse still, we had no penny for purchasing kerosene from the vendors. To be sincere, we could not borrow from the neighbors and somehow we purposed to face the darkness with its blackness….

Then a visitor came. My wife joked about of the darkness and this prompted me into speaking a word of faith that the Lord would provide light for us. And in this, I took the dry lantern and lit it faithfully. I never reduced the wick and the light never died away. There was enough light as from seven in the evening to around midnight when we all went to sleep- even so, the lamp was...

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