Sermon Illustrations

We lived in Montrose, CO for four years and often went to the town of Telluride. Telluride is a beautiful resort town, with skiing and a gondola and much more. But it didn’t always have a good reputation. To this day to get to Telluride you must drive a narrow, curvy, two lane road. Back in the Wild West days, that road was even less hospitable. It was so full of robbers that Telluride became known as “To Hell You Ride.” Well, the 17-mile road from Jerusalem to Jericho had the same kind of reputation and a similar kind of infamous name. Because of the number of robbers along this road, it was known as “The Way of Blood.” When the Samaritan stopped to help, he knew he was on a dangerous road. He maybe even thought that the robbers might be near and that they might get him next.