Sermon Illustrations

As for the trap of running after the wrong stuff, McLean’s Magazine released a report in December 2004 showing that “Collectively, Canadian consumers owed $752.1 billion. Over the same period, personal disposable income, or take-home pay, had risen 15 per cent. In other words, Canadians were piling on debt more than twice as fast as their income was growing.” That debt in just one year – 2004 to 2005 – grew to $916 billion. In one year our consumer debt went up $164 billion. It only lasts a few days or weeks until finally we need replenishment so we go out to get more stuff or we’re so heavily burdened by debt that we need more jobs to earn more money to keep our heads above water. As we continue this meaningless pursuit to be happy, we create a greater divide from where happiness can be found – relationship with God.