Sermon Illustrations

Jesus was the Host at that last Passover observance with His disciples on that evening that would come to be called Maundy Thursday. Traditionally at all Passover observances the Host, the Father in a family setting, is asked four questions by the youngest child at the Table. If you ever get to see the movie IN REMEMBRANCE, a film that depicts the transition of Passover into Holy Communion, Phillip, as the youngest disciple, is the one who asks the four questions of Jesus.

In English, these four questions translate something like this:

Why is this night different from all other nights? On

other nights we may eat leavened or unleavened

bread, but on this night we eat only unleavened

bread. On other nights we eat all types of herbs,

but tonight only bitter herbs. On other nights we do

not dip once. On this night we dip twice. On other

nights we eat sitting or reclining but on this night

we recline. [SOURCE: Daniel Juster and Gloria

Eisen, Passover HAGGADAH for Followers of

YESHUA THE MESSIAH (Washington, D. C.:

The Messianic Vision, n. d.), 9.]

Therefore, today I paraphrase those four questions in the title of today’s message so it becomes, “Why Is this Sacrament Different?” I would answer that question by three words: praise, power, and rededication.