6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Back in the 1500’s - Ivan the IV became the first Czar of Russia. He ruled a large diverse nation but he wasn’t a good ruler. He wasn’t even a very nice man. In fact he was a very cruel man. He was so cruel they referred to him as "Ivan The Terrible." And he was widely known to be a very immoral and violent man.

During his reign he married 7 women and abused each and every one of them. His idea of a good time was going up on the walls of the Kremlin and throwing animals over the walls to the pavement beneath so that he could watch them die. He was an ancient Michael Vick, Alanta Falcons Quarterback arrested for fighting dogs.

How many of think that when he died, he probably didn’t make it into heaven? When Ivan died in 1584, historians tell us that those who prepared his body for burial were instructed to shave Ivan’s head and to dress him for burial in the robes of a monk.Why would Ivan...

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