Sermon Illustrations

How Much Do Ewe Know About Sheep? (a powerpoint pop quiz to get the audience thinking about the vulnerability and dependent nature of sheep)

If sheep aren’t directed to suitable pasture and water, what do they do?

A. Order Chinese carry out

B. Look it up on Google Earth

C. Send around a petition to be given to their shepherd

D. Fail to eat and drink correctly

Which best describes the intelligence of domesticated sheep?

A. Top of the food chain

B. MENSA material

C. Sly as a fox

D. Mutton heads

How do sheep keep cool in the hot summer months?

A. They visit a Bah Bah shop

B. They wear lighter clothing and drink lemonade

C. They roll down the car window

D. They count on their shepherd to shear them at the right time

If a sheep gets separated from its flock, it…

A. Stops and asks for directions (unless it’s a male)

B. Finds a wolf, kills it, and eats it

C. Opens its own show in Branson

D. Most likely will die from predators or exposure

Which of the following situations poses a threat to someone hiking in sheep country?

A. Being trampled by a pack of sheep

B. Being bitten by an angry sheep

C. Being gored to death by a sheep

D. Having to wear itchy wool socks

Sherm Nichols