Sermon Illustrations

Don’t expect the Kingdom of this World to respect the Kingdom of God. Far from it, citizens of God’s Kingdom have always been --- and will always be criticized and misunderstood and (as we see in this case) even DEMONIZED.

I think of a man like Jerry Falwell --- who died recently. He was most widely known for founding an organization called The Moral Majority back in the 1970’s. Through the years, he was ridiculed and misrepresented in the Media. In fact, if all you know about him came from the mainstream Media, you probably don’t even know that his greatest passion was for being the Pastor of his church. He didn’t get publicity for establishing The Godparent Maternity Home for unwed mothers or an organization called Family Life Services for adoptive parents. The Media never featured his treatment center called Elm Home where thousands of men have overcome their chemical addictions.

Jerry Falwell is just one example of millions of believers who are walking in the Kingdom of God here on earth. Churches and individual Christians all over the world are offering Compassion to the Outcasts in all kinds of ways. But don’t expect to see their efforts praised on the evening News.