3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

Susan’s mom mentioned a strange story in the Logan County, Ilinois newspaper last week(June ’07). The article said at about 7:15 AM, a man named Cody Rutz stole an Illinois Department of Transportation truck and fled from police southbound on Illinois 121. Police lost sight of him near Mount Pulaski. A short time later, the truck over-turned between Mr. Pulaski and Lathem. A man who saw the crash pulled over to help --- and when he did so, Rutz stole his 2006 Nissan and took off northbound on Illinois 121 toward Lincoln. Police pursued him, and eventually he collided with an Illinois police car at 8:00 AM. He was arrested, and police learned he had stolen and abandoned or wrecked a total of 4 cars --- two of them from “good Samaritans” who stopped to help him!

Can you see why we have to be shrewd as snakes … not just harmless as doves. Next time, I bet those two will use their cell phones to call the Police rather than pulling over.