3-Week Series: Double Blessing

Sermon Illustrations

You know, it does you no good to find a treasure if you don’t know what you’ve got. Now, I’m the kind who always thinks a treasure might be around the corner. I haven’t ever bought lottery tickets or anything like that, but I used to always play those prize-winning games they had at McDonalds. It used to cost me the price of a coke to get a game piece, but I was thirsty anyway and enjoyed filling up the game board with the pieces I received.

One time, when the game was a version of Monopoly, I was regularly picking up game pieces and had everything except the winning pieces when one day I got my pieces and was in a hurry so I stuffed them in my pocket without opening them. When I got home I opened them and set them on the counter by my side of the bed. I noticed that one of the pieces looked a little different than the rest but thought nothing of it. The next day I was in the car with the game board and noticed that the piece I had seen the day before was a $1,000.00 winner.

I called home and told Susan about the game piece. She said, “I’ll go look for it.” Then came back to the phone groaning and said...

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