6-Week Series: Against All Odds

Sermon Illustrations

Many of you may be familiar with a movie filmed a few years ago called “The Matrix.” This movie was about people that lived in a computer generated universe known as the matrix. Most of the people didn’t realize that the world they saw was computer generated. The few that did, wanted to free the people from the control of computers and back to the real world. But, the computers had an incredible control over those in the matrix. To rescue people from this digital universe, they would need a savior of sorts. They would need “The One” to save them.

As the movie progressed, Neo, the main character, was believed to be The One and was brought to see the Oracle to get advice on what he should do. She explained to Neo that he was not the one that everyone was searching for. This simple advice led him to believe that he was not the savior everyone was looking for. The realization that he was not The One allowed him to place himself at risk. But, this risk brought him down a path which eventually showed him that he really was the One. The Oracle told Him what He needed to hear so that Neo would do He needed to do. She told him what he needed to hear so that he could eventually become The One in mind as well as action.

In some ways, God is kind-of like the Oracle of the Matrix. He may lead us down a path that we don’t expect so that we end up in His plan rather than our own. We may be diverted in an unexpected direction.