Sermon Illustrations

There was once a little boy called Bob who had received a clown puppet for his birthday

he was so proud of this puppet that he wanted to take it to school and show it off

However after getting dressed for school

he couldn’t find it anywhere

he knew his little sister had probably taken it and hidden it

he asked her where it was....

However she wouldn’t answer, she was hiding

Their mother eventually found her and said, "Come and tell your brother where the puppet is."

She replied, "No i don’t want to talk to him, i don’t want to see him"

Eventually she was persuaded to come and see him but looked down at the ground with a frown and said,"I don’t know where it is"

So Bob went off to school sad and angry

On the way home he devised a plan that he wouldn’t speak to his sister or play with her

When he got home, his mum said, hey I’ve found your puppet, it was tucked up safely on the loaf of bread in the bread bin.

Bob snatched it and ran to his room, and wouldn’t speak or play with his sister that day

because of this one action there was now barriers between Bob and his sister