Sermon Illustrations


A young man of age 22 was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It was serious. Jack was given a very low chance of making it. But a year later he was healthy and cancer free. A few weeks later it was discovered that Jack had a tumor the size of a football in his belly. It was intertwined around various organs. They had to operate immediately. Jack was given a 10% chance of survival, 10%. The surgery was to last 28 hours and three teams were lined up to do tag team surgery. The entire team were devote Christians. Four hours later the tumor was out, it was the most perfect, by the book surgery they had ever experienced. THEN, about four months later Jack was driving his silver Ford Bronco and Jack was very drunk. He had an accident killing and 18 year old boy and Jack barely survived the accident.

He was not allowed visitors in the hospital as he was a prisoner of the state. A few months later Jack was released on bail with an ankle bracelet to monitor him. We spent some time together in his parents living room talking about the events of the last few months, and at one point Jack said to me – “Maybe God is trying to get my attention?” Ya Think!