Sermon Illustrations

On the middle day of a three day fishing trip to Barkley Lake (Eddyville, KY) I would have done equally well had I taken no fishing gear with me. I went all day without a single bite. Rarely has that ever happened to me. I was skunked.

As we were returning our boat to the dock that evening at dark, I was very irritated with how things had gone. Though the scenery was beautiful, and I had thoroughly enjoyed it, I had gone to fish. Fishing for me means catching fish, not just enjoying the great out-of-doors. Going all day without a bite made me feel like I had wasted my time.

As we were nearing the dock the Lord spoke to my heart. Knowing my frustration, I felt Him say to me, “Are you equally frustrated with how few people you catch?”

I don’t know if the Lord intentionally would not allow fish to be attracted to my bait that day or not, but I do know that what He said to me cut me to the quick, “Are you equally frustrated with how few people you catch?” Wow.

Honestly, no. I pray for and desire to catch more people, but I would have to say I’ve never been that frustrated over it. I believe God was trying to drive home for me the point of perspective. If I could be that hurt and angry and frustrated and irritated because I hadn’t caught any fish, how disturbed should I be by my lack of catching people?