Sermon Illustrations

A young woman named Sally was going away to college. Her mother worked two jobs so her daughter could go to college. Sally was nervous and afraid about leaving home for the first time to go and live in a far away place. She was also afraid of not having her mother’s guidance. Before Sally left, her mother said,” You are going to see and do things you never heard of…and you won’t know which way to turn sometimes. Do you remember when you use to tug on my apron strings when you wanted something and I would respond to you? Do you remember when you were driving to close to the white line and that I would shout at you? Well, I am going to be with you in your heart but it will be up to you to remember what I taught you. I can’t kiss your hurts when you fall down and scratch your knee anymore when the storms of life come. But I’ll always be as close as a peanut in your pocket when you need me and you are afraid. I’ll always stand with you. And if you are hurting…you can feel me close to your heart. And when you make a mistake and do wrong, I’ll whisper the truth to you so you won’t do it anymore.” They both cried and then hugged one another. Her mother gave Sally a handkerchief and then Sally left. When Sally arrived at school, she pulled out the handkerchief and discovered a knot tied in one of the corners. She untied the knot and inside the knot she found a peanut.

God is like Sally’s mother. God is like the peanut in Sally’s pocket. Jesus is always with us loving and caring for us and telling us the truth when we do wrong. Amen? Amen!