Sermon Illustrations

I have never been a sportsman, and I have not been hunting many times in my lifetime. Several years ago while pastoring in Michigan, a neighboring pastor and one of his church elders asked me to go coon hunting with them. This was my first and last time to go coon hunting. The other man owned some hunting dogs, and we took them with us.

I really did not know what to expect. They told me that the dogs were trained, and that they were very good coon hunting dogs. I was told that the dogs would go to the tree that had the coon in it, and they would look up in the tree and bark. We could then shine our flashlights up and see the coon.

That sounded rather simple to me. We had been in the woods for about 30 minutes and one of the dogs began to bark and look up in the tree. The man shined his light up in the tree, but he was not able to see a coon. I later learned that the dog was barking up the wrong tree.