Sermon Illustrations

Illustration from USA TODAY September 13, 2007 edition page 11a “Live and Let Live – Public opinion polls reflect what many people see in their daily lives: When it comes to gay rights, issues of race and beyond, the USA has become a more tolerant nation over the past 25 years.” (See clipping)


Question 1 - Should homosexuality be considered an acceptable alternative lifestyle?

1982 – 34% said yes

2007 – 48% said yes

Question 2 – Do you approve or disapprove of men and women living together without being married?

1986 – 43% said yes

2007 – 55% said yes

Question 5 – Do you think that gay couples should be legally permitted to adopt children?

1992 – 29% said yes

2007 – 46% said yes

The writer of this article Michael Gartner makes this comment from this poll – “On balance, though, we have become a remarkably more tolerant nation in the quarter century since USA TODAY was born. This is a good thing for all of us – because most of us belong to one minority or another that has been discriminated against in eras past – but it is particulary good thing for my grandson.”