Sermon Illustrations

A construction worker on the job site fell one day. He landed on his back and hurt himself badly. He told the boss he would finish and leave to get help and come back.

Well the pain eased a bit and because the job required him to not miss work he ignored medical help and went to work the next day. Each day he would pray for strength and take massive amounts of Tylenol just to get through work.

He started to pick up a heavy load a few days after the accident when suddenly it fell out of his hands. His boss chided him and he tried again. It fell out of his hands again. He couldn’t lift anything because it simply slipped out of his grip.

His boss knew he was a hard worker and he sent him to his doctor it to see if he was taking advantage of the accident injury. Within hours he was on the operating table to repair the damage, and ultimately save his life.

He had been working with a broken back. He tried to deal with the situation without seeking medical help and it almost cost his life. When trouble or hardship comes our way we need to call upon the Lord and immediately seek medical help.