Sermon Illustrations

All of the disciples, about 120 of them, are all gathered together. So, this isn’t just the 11 that are left but it is everybody who is a follower of Jesus. Mary the mother would have been there, Salome, Mary Magdalene...perhaps Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus...they are all gathered together in the same place...and Peter stands up in the middle of them and begins to talk about Judas. Now, don’t forget...this is very soon after the death of Jesus...this would be like somebody bringing up Benedict Arnold in the middle of the Revolutionary War or a Cub Fan talking about Steve Bartman during the World Series in 2003. The wound...even though it was helped by the resurrection of Jesus is still very fresh...but Peter brings him up all the same. Peter, he begins to explain why things had to happen with Judas they way they did...but...he doesn’t just leave it there...he says that someone has to take Judas’ place...and that brings us to our text and, it turns out...Matthias becomes Judas’ replacement.