Sermon Illustrations

There’s an old story of a man and his grand-daughter who go for a walk to the local town park. The man and girl are sitting on a park bench sharing an afternoon snack when they are approached by a traveler.

"Good sir, please tell me. Is this a friendly town? I’ve had the misfortune to live in a town full of strife and conflict, its people so ruthless towards one another that they can never pass in the street without vile looks and comments. Please tell me. Is this the type of thing I will find here?"

The old man looks at the traveler and responds, "I’m afraid, my friend, that you will have to continue your travels. For you will surely find the same in our town."

Dejected, but thankful for the response, the man moves on.

A while later, another traveler pauses as they pass the pair. "Good sir, I am a stranger to this town. I come from a lovely village not far off. I was friends with many there, such a wonderful lot they were. But, life has seen fit to lead me elsewhere. I wonder, would I find such lovely people here in your town?"

The old man smiles as he looks at the man. "Welcome to our town, my friend. You will indeed find happiness here."

The stranger smiles warmly in return and bids the pair a good day.

As the stranger walks away, the child looks to her grandfather...

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