Sermon Illustrations

In the movie, “Hook,” Robin Williams plays Peter Pan, who had left Neverland and had grown up to be a corporate attorney.

He is completely focused on his job, and ends up neglecting his son over and over.

There is a line that he quotes from time to time in the beginning of the movie that sets the stage for the attitude of his son.

When he promises to be at his son’s baseball game, he says, “My word is my bond,” meaning that if he makes a promise, it can be counted on.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t keep his word to his son, and it almost leads to disaster.

One thing I’ve noticed over my 40+ years is that a written guarantee is generally more powerful than a spoken one, especially when it comes to things like business dealings.

In court, a written guarantee is a contract that has to be abided by.

But if there is no written proof about the guarantee, then the court may say that the guarantee never really existed, at least in legal terms.

“But Judge! He guaranteed that this leisure suit would attract women to me, and it hasn’t worked!”

The Bible is God’s written guarantee. I’ve said it every week since this series started, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say it again: when God says something, it’s a done deal.

He cannot lie and will never change the terms of the deal. He’s true to His Word every time in every circumstance.