Sermon Illustrations

How do some people seek guidance from God?

> Signs – like a falling star, a chance meeting between people, something in a fortune cookie…

Here’s something that I think would be good for a fortune cookie:

“Stop trying to find your fortune in a cookie and go get a job!”

> Random Bible Openings – when someone just flips open a Bible and puts their finger on the page, looking at whatever it says there for guidance.

But what if your finger lands on something like the story of Judas hanging himself and having his guts spilled out? Is that God telling you to do the same thing? I don’t think so.

Or you’re facing financial difficulties in your business and so you flip open your Bible, close your eyes and put your finger down. When you look at it, it says, “Chapter Eleven.” (Bankruptcy)

Folks, those aren’t good ways to find God’s guidance, okay?