Sermon Illustrations

Ready Or Not, Here I Come!

As children we used to play a game called “Hide and Seek.” The object of the game was for someone to be “It” while the others ran to hide. Whoever was “It” had to hide their eyes, count to a predetermined number, and then go and find all the hiders. The hiders, meanwhile, tried to get back to “Home Base” before “It” found them.

When “It” finished counting (for our neighborhood it was usually to 100) he or she would proclaim with a loud voice, “Ready or not, here I come.” From that point the hunt was on. If you were hidden, you were safe for the time being. Other times, though, someone may not have found a good place to hide. But that didn’t matter. “Ready or not” the hunt was on.

In a sense, death is like that for us. From the moment we are born, it stalks us. Then, at our appointed time, ready or...

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