Sermon Illustrations

today...we’re going to look at an example from a very deep movie...Funny Farm. I’m sure all of you recognize the’s probably in your library right beside all of the Charlton Heston movies.

On the slim chance that you aren’t familiar with this particular movie let me give you a brief rundown of the events in the movie. A city sports reporter, who is played by Chevy Chase, decides to move to the country with his wife to write his first novel. Throughout the movie he has some pretty humorous encounters with his neighbors...particularly with a mailman who refuses to stop at the mailbox...he just flings the mail out the window at 60 mph....but the part we’re going to focus in on is near the beginning of the film where he and his wife are on their way to their new home. They set out in their car and are followed by the moving van. They quickly get ahead of the moving van...but...not to worry...because he has drawn the movers a map. However, while they are on their way and they know where they are going without a map...the movers...they have no idea where the destination is...and when some teenagers decide to cut down some road signs...they quickly get lost and they cannot find this mythical town of Redbud...until they go over a wooden covered bridge that one of them describes as termites holding hands...and when they do get there...they are not pleased at all. There are just some places on this Earth that are hard to find...and apparently Redbud was one of those places.

(Scripture reference Matthew 7: 13-14)