Sermon Illustrations

A couple got married and the bride brought the bulk of the financial support into the marriage. And she knew it too. She always had a way of reminding her husband that she was the source of their financial security.

One day as they were driving along she was in an especially proud mood and she said “Honey, if it wasn’t for me, we wouldn’t have this nice car we’re riding in.”

They pulled into the driveway of a beautiful home and she said, “if it wasn’t for me, we would have this nice house we’re living in.”

As they went inside she pointed out the new furniture they enjoyed and reminded her husband again that if it wasn’t for her they wouldn’t have all of this new furniture.

Then she pointed out the new high definition big screen television that was hanging on the wall. The husband said, “Yeah, I know. If it wasn’t for you and all your money we wouldn’t have this TV. We’ll let me tell you something. If it wasn’t for your money, you wouldn’t have to put up with me either.”