Sermon Illustrations

Clingstone is a house that was built in 1905 on a peninsula in the Narraganset bay near Newport Rhode Island. It was constructed with heavy mill type framing, It’s shingled inside and outside, and was designed to withstand hurricane force winds. In 1938 a hurricane, dubbed the “long Island express,” roared through,but left the house atop it’s bedrock foundation. Today, Clingstone sits atop “Dumpling Island” –still standing,still in use, but accessible only by boat. What enabled Clingstone to withstand the Long Island Express? –Integrity –structural and foundational integrity: what it was built on, and what it was built with. We all need integrity, in our morality, spirituality, relationships, finances, and work habits. Without integrity, we’re likely to collapse under the weight of our character flaws, or get blown away by one of life’s storms