Sermon Illustrations

“I Give Thee Humble Thanks”

I give Thee humble thanks:

For all the gifts that Thou dost send,

For every kind and loyal friend,

For prompt supply of all my need,

For all that’s good in word or deed,

For gift of health along life’s way.

For strength to work from day to day.

I give Thee humble thanks:

For ready hands to help and cheer,

For listening ears Thy voice to hear,

For yielded tongue Thy love to talk,

For willing feet Thy paths to walk,

For open eyes Thy Word to read,

For loving heart Thy will to heed,

I give Thee humble thanks:

For Christ who came from Heaven above,

For the Cross and His redeeming love,

For His mighty power to seek and save,

For His glorious triumph o’er the grace,

For the lovely mansions in the sky,

For His blessed coming by-and-by,

I give Thee Thanks,

---Clifford Lewis