Sermon Illustrations

A Little Child is Watching Me

A little child is watching me

Knows every move I make,

Hears every word I utter,

Sees every step I take.

Is conscious of my attitude,

Is wise to all my flaws,

Is witness when I am unkind,

Or angry without cause.

She silently observes me

As I go from day to day

While in her mind an image forms

Of what she’ll be someday.

Yes, although I do so much wrong

Leave so much good undone,

I’m the model Lara has.

I am what she’ll become.

Dear Father, help me realize

All that I must do.

Let me train and teach my child

To always live for You.

But Father, more than training her

By words and counsel true,

Let me by the way I live

Show her how to follow You.

—Mrs. Debbie Scales