Sermon Illustrations

Chuck Swindoll makes this observation about our chapter 7 of Ecc.:

The man is describing life under the sun-ragged-edge reality, without God. Thus far in his journey, that has been his mindset, and it continues to be. But from here on, something begins to come into focus-the wisdom that has been conspicuously absent. The terms wise and wisdom appear thirty-five times in the latter half of his journey. Why? Well, to quote my prodigal friend, Solomon is “coming back home.” He still has quite a way to travel, but his pilgrimage now takes a turn in the right direction. Perhaps that best explains the change in Solomon’s writing style when we arrive at the midpoint in this journal. Instead of continuing the narrative style he has employed thus far, he turns to the proverbial style-brief, crisp, simple-sounding statements that offer insightful principles for handling life” (Living on the Ragged Edge, page 191).