Sermon Illustrations

I’d like to set the stage for a drama that is pretty close to real life.

Picture if you will an average family scenario with two parents and two children, one boy about 6 years old and, one girl about 5 years old.

The family lives in a house with a nice fenced in yard in the back fully equipped with a swing set, sliding board, jungle gym, sand box, swimming pool, and all the equipment and space needed to play whiffle ball.

The scene takes place in the middle of summer and their parents are about to go shopping and leave their children with a sitter.

They give their children instructions.

You may go outside and play in the yard, but you may not go across the street.

As it happens, while they’re playing baseball, the ball inevitably is hit outside the fence and rolls across the street.

The neighborhood bully just happens to be walking down the sidewalk and taunts the kids because he knows they’re not allowed out of the yard.

The bully eventually gets the best of them and they run out between the parked cars to retrieve the ball just as a truck is passing by and is unable to stop in time to avoid hitting them.

In this scenario, did the parents give their children rules because they did or did not love them?

Did the parents give their children rules out of the parents’ wisdom or ignorance?

Did the children need the rules to keep them safe?

What scripture does this scenario remind you of?