Sermon Illustrations

Just as knowing Christ holds the most important place in becoming a Christian, we must also have heard ourselves about the love and joy of Christ. Since we have heard and accepted Christ, so others must hear and accept Christ so that they too can become a part of the fellowship of God. A major part of having fellowship with Christ and connecting to a Christian family is our willingness to tell others and bring them home to family too. I was pretty lost back then when I first became a baby Christian. Most people didn’t want to come near me because I was actually quite volatile as I was changing from living the way I had to the way I needed to be. Yet, one girl had the courage to talk to me and tell me about Jesus. She had the courage to invite me to church knowing full well that I hated the church at that point and time. If she hadn’t told me about Christ I would still be lost and would still have no family. I would have never gone to church and would have never met Sandy Basham and Kenneth Taylor. I wouldn’t have a spiritual mom who loves me like her own child and a spiritual father who guided me even into the ministry. I want you to understand how important sharing your faith is because if Janice hadn’t, I wouldn’t be your minister today. Now, I must pass the message on so that someone else might have a chance at becoming a member of the family; so that I can love them as a brother or sister in Christ and not just as a person and so that I can share my life and love of Christ with them.