Sermon Illustrations


An amusing story about the plane going over the Atlantic Ocean with the only people on board the pilot a scientist, a minister and a back packer. The plane has engine trouble and the pilot goes to the passengers to inform them of the situation. He explains that the plane is about to crash and that there is only three parachutes seeing that it’s his plane He informs them that he’s taking one and jumps out!

Leaving three passengers and two parachutes. The scientist says "Well I’m on the verge of a scientific breakthrough I will be sorely missed." So he jumps out, leaving the backpacker and the pastor.

So the minister says, "Look mate I’ve had a good life I know where I’m going and you have your whole life ahead of you, you take the last parachute."

Then before the Minister could finish his words the young back packer says, "No worries, mate, do you see that scientist who jumped out, "Yeah, he’s just jumped out with my backpack"