Sermon Illustrations

When my son Steven was 5 years-old, he wanted a Ghost Buster Proton Pack for Christmas. I don¡¦t think the MERCHANTS in the small town of Bowie, Texas where we lived even heard of such a thing. So Brenda and I drove 55 miles to Wichita Falls, Texas in search of this gift for Steven. We went all over that CITY trying to FIND that TOY, but it was SOLD OUT. We returned home EMPTY-HANDED.

Since Christmas was quickly APPROACHING we went ahead and bought Steven other GHOST BUSTER stuff hoping that might APPEASE him. But we knew deep down that his little HEART was set on the PROTON PACK, and that he would be deeply DISAPPOINTED on Christmas morning when everyone got what he or she WANTED except him.

I got on the PHONE and started calling STORES all over North Texas. Finally I found a TOY STORE in Dallas that had a few of them in stock. I asked them to HOLD one for me, but they wouldn¡¦t„oit was first-come-first-serve. So Brenda and I got in the car and drove over 80 miles one-way to East Dallas hoping that TOY would still be there. There were TWO left.

We did a lot of TRAVELING and spent a lot of MONEY to find that $20.00 toy, but to see Steven’s face light up on Christmas morning when he saw the Ghost Buster Proton Pack under the tree made it all WORTH IT. We GAVE out of LOVE.