"Double Blessing challenges us to reframe our perception of blessing, seeing God's gifts as opportunities for increased generosity." —Pastor Louie Giglio

Sermon Illustrations

I remember when I was growing up; many times we made our own toys and gifts: but we always exchanged gifts. There are many traditions in the way gifts are exchanged. I remember a time we were at a friend’s home at Christmas and the way they exchanged gifts was that one person would open a gift and then the next, however if you did not like your gift you could exchange it with someone else. Each person would do that and it would go on and on. Some would get a gift that was worth more than another but it was a fun time.

Have you ever received a gift at Christmas that was not what you wanted or maybe it was not as good as the gift you gave? What about that ugly tie or that fruitcake that was preserved for all time? Think on those things as we go through this sermon. There are times when you get a gift and it is just not right that you can take it to the store and return it, however what about, lest say a great aunt gives you a gift (an ugly clock or sweater) that she made herself. You can not return it so you put it in the closet and only take it out when you know she is coming over. You have something like that don’t you? Now I am not going to embarrass you this morning so will not as you to share it so do not worry.

We all get all get a gift sometimes that although we smile on the outside, on the inside we are cringing, wondering what are we suppose to do with a tie that lights up. What about the gifts we give? What about the gifts we exchange with each other? What are they worth? Are they of equal value of what we receive? Now I know you are thinking that it is the thought that counts and you are right. What about the gifts we receive from God and what we give Him?