Sermon Illustrations

In the classic Christmas movie from 1947, “A Miracle on 34th St.,” a young and skeptical girl named Susan goes up to Santa in the middle of Macy’s department store, which this year is not being manned by a fake Santa, but the real Kris Kringle.

The little girl goes up to Santa and he says, “Well hello there, and what is your name?” Smart little Susan says, “Susan Walker, what’s yours?” Chuckling a little, Santa says, “Well Kris Kringle, I’m Santa Claus….oh…you don’t believe that do you?” Susan responds, “No, you see my mother is Mrs. Walker, the lady who hired you…but I must say you’re the best looking one I’ve ever seen. Your beard doesn’t have one of those things that goes around your ears.” Kris replies, “Well that’s because it’s real, just like I’m really Santa Claus…oh, go ahead, pull it.” And she pulls on his beard. “And now,” says Santa, “What would you like me to bring you for Christmas?”

“Nothing thank you,” is the reply.

“Oh come now, you must want something.”

“Whatever I want my mother will get me, if it’s sensible and doesn’t cost too much.”

Is that where you are this Christmas season? Have you come all this way to the door of the stable just to say, “Nothing thank you,” or “Just looking…”?