Sermon Illustrations

B. ILLUSTRATION: I remember growing up going to church… going BOTH Sunday morning & Sunday night.

1. Always wondered, “Why do we have to go Sunday night? I punched my ticket Sunday morning!”

a. How little I understood back then…

b. It’s not about punching a ticket; it’s about giving your best.

2. Anyway, I remember that on some of those Sunday nights, you may remember some of your own, where the crowd thought like I did & the crowd was sparse.

3. And the song leader would get up there, see the sparse crowd, and say something like, “We’re real spread out tonight; let’s all move to the front.”

4. And some people would sit in their pews with their arms folded as if to say, “How dare you ask me to move out of my pew!”

5. Do you remember that?

We are so resistant to change.