Sermon Illustrations

A man who was a school teacher reflected upon a Christmas experience. He said, "At Christmas the kids always brought me gifts. They brought them in different types of boxes but after a while I was pretty savvy about what the gifts were. There would be a thin handkerchief box. I knew it was a handkerchief box and so instead of opening it, I usually just put it in the closet and then when I needed a handkerchief, I went and got it and opened it up. Well, one time I needed a handkerchief and I went and opened up a thin handkerchief box but there was no handkerchief inside. Inside instead was an antique pocket watch. I had an antique pocket watch all this time but I didn’t know it because it was wrapped in a handkerchief box."

At Christmas time, We are reminded that we carry an antique pocket watch in a handkerchief box. We find the beloved child in ourselves. We find the light in ourselves. We find the greenness in ourselves and it defies the adverse circumstances of our lives.