Sermon Illustrations

How would the Bible read, I wonder, if faith were left out. Imagine Heb 11 w/o faith:

­ Without Faith, Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, didn’t even gather the materials to build an ark because a worldwide flood was such an impossibility.

­ Without faith, Abraham, didn’t leave his home when God called him because that would be foolish. Without faith, he wasn’t able to become a father, and if he had he wouldn’t have offered up his son to God.

­ Without faith, Moses chose to be known as the son of Pharaoh’s daughter and to enjoy the pleasures of sin over suffering for Christ.

­ Without faith, the people of Israel couldn’t pass through the Red Sea on dry land, and the Egyptians overran them.

­ Without faith, the walls of Jericho didn’t fall at all. The people didn’t even march around the city for 7 days, because such a thing would have been foolish, right?

­ Without faith, many others failed to conquer kingdoms, justice was perverted, they lost what was promised, were burned...

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