Sermon Illustrations

A farmer loaned his mule to a neighbor to help with some plow work. After an hour or so, he came back for help. “That mule won’t do a thing. I can’t even get him to move over to the plow.” The farmer said, “Let’s go have a look at him.” He picked up a 2 x 4 and followed his neighbor out to the field where the mule was standing motionless and indifferent to the world. “Mule, let’s go!” He didn’t budge. So, the farmer took the board and WACK!, smacked him across the nose. Suddenly looked up. “OK, mule, let’s go!” And the mule started walking straight to the harness. The neighbor just stood there wide-eyed. The farmer said, “See. He’s a pretty good mule, you just have to get his attention first.”

Has God ever had to get your attention first?