Sermon Illustrations

When we had Abbey Andrews here for the October meetings with Dr. Nichols she sang a song that she wrote called, “Saturate Me.” The song is a prayer to the Lord to have Him saturate us with His holy presence, His love and His awesome fire. This song has become a favorite of mine and Ashley has started singing it for us during praise and worship.

Listen to Abbey’s song: “Saturate Me!”

The song says to the Lord, “You are beautiful beyond all measure, you are wonderful to me, and I come to you.”

She sings about God’s beauty and wonderfulness which makes her want to come to Jesus to bath in His presence, to meet with God. She says, “I cannot stand in your presence” the reason is because it causes her to bow in God’s presence to yield to His holy presence. She sings and prays:

“Saturate me with your holy presence!”

“Saturate me with your love!”

“Saturate me with your awesome fire!”

I have spent many wonderful moments in time listening to this song and being ushered into the presence of the Lord. It always humbles me and causes me to meet with God. I really feel God’s presence as she pours out her heart to the Lord in this worship song. This song has moved me on the inside and quickened my spirit towards God’s presence and God’s love. This song causes me to search my heart and my mind. It calls me to come to God! So I feel this is what the Lord wants New Life to do this year! To call on Him, to come to Him and to bath in His holy presence!

So this year I want to help you to experience God’s presence, God’s love and God’s awesome fire. I really believe that many Christian’s and non-Christian’s feel that something is missing in their lives and I believe it’s a lack of intimate time and relationship with the Lord.