Sermon Illustrations

14 years ago, our little family moved from IN to OH. We had acquired some stuff, and needed to rent a Ryder truck to get it all to OH. Being the analyzer and organizer that I am, I studied the furniture and appliances of our house. I read the moving help booklet from Ryder. I calculated the exact cubic footage, and used it to determine exactly which size truck we would need. After all the hours of study and planning, I told my wife about it. She looked at me and said, “I think we’ll need the truck the next size up.” I was insulted. I assured her I had done all the homework, and that I was right…of course, I was not. We looked pretty interesting, pulling into the parking lot at Hillsboro, in a yellow Ryder truck, with an orange U-haul trailer on its hitch! The truck was just too full to fit everything in.