Sermon Illustrations

Boyce Mouton – in “A tribute to my mother” – “Though we were poor, by contrast with modern children, I was raised In the lap of luxury. I was blessed to have a mother whose main ambition in life was to raise her family. During my childhood years I had no interest in shiny new cars and plush carpet, I Wanted my mother. I needed my mother more than needed a baby sitter or a nursery school attendant…So my heart bleeds for the millions of modern children who have never tasted homemade bread or smelled the aroma of mother’s hot rolls on the evening breeze. The real luxuries of life are not to be found in mass produced items stamped out by a machine or dropped in a huge box at the end of an assembly line. The real luxuries are the custom made specialty items made to order for each customer. So, in this regard, I was raised in the lap of luxury. My meals were prepared by my own personal connoisseur of gourmet delights. I was diapered and dandled by my own personal doctor and diagnostician. I was the recipient of perpetual maid service. I had my own personal tailor who made, altered and repaired my clothing. I had my own personal tutor who read me stories at bed time. When I went downtown I was accompanied by my own personal chauffeur and body guard. When I was lonely or afraid I would cling to the apron strings of my own special companion and counselor. The fact that all of these important functions were performed by only one mother does not diminish from their significance. It gave to me a measure of confidence and security that I probably could not have attained in any other way.”