Sermon Illustrations

When we came home on New Year’s Day, the weather got pretty bad east of Cleveland. We planned to stop and did stop at exit 223 for gas, bathroom, etc. And it was pretty bad. We had been going the last 25 miles at about 40 mph. And we were moving faster than a lot of folks. We saw several cars in the ditch including one pick up truck on its side. I even saw one women spin out in front of me and end up facing the wrong way in the median. At times you could see more than twenty feet.

For me, I don’t have a problem driving in the snow and ice. Changing lanes can be dangerous and tricky but I have driven on enough of this stuff to be able to carefully do it well. God has helped me in this way. It is like going down Peach Street in the snow even when the street is covered. Usually it is not a big deal driving on it. UNTIL YOU HAVE TO STOP!

As I long as I don’t have to stop, I can drive at pretty good clip in the worst of conditions. But stopping is where trouble happens.

Some of us have some things in our lives that we know we should stop. We’ve felt convicted over them. We know God wants us to but until we have to stop, then we probably won’t. Until we are caught, we won’t stop and we get stuck in the old and never experience the fullness of being a new creation.