Sermon Illustrations

Marjorie Thompson makes an interesting point when she says, ‘As people become hungrier for spiritual nurture, they often become more dissatisfied with their own tradition of corporate worship. Part of the problem is that average person in the pew has little say over how worship is planned, much less over how leaders read, preach, and pray.’

‘How, then, are we to become lively actors in the drama of human worship before God?,’ she asks. ‘How can we become better attuned to God in spite of the foibles of worship leaders, the frailties of worshipping communities, and the inadequacies of our own feelings and judgments?’

She makes several suggestions:

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• Revitalize personal worship

• Spend half an hour on Saturday nights or Sunday morning before God assessing our life

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• ‘Be prepared to hear God speak’

(Do we believe that God shows up here?)

• Stay focused on the parts of worship that speak to you

• ‘Claim for yourself the freedom to respond to God in worship with the fullness of your heart.’