Sermon Illustrations

There’s a funny story about a man who went to the doctor after weeks of symptoms.

a. The doctor examined him carefully, then called the patient’s wife into his office.

- The doctor told her, "Your husband is suffering from a rare form of anemia."

- "The bad news is that without treatment, your husband will be dead in a few weeks."

- "The good news is that with proper nutrition, he should get better."

b. Here’s what the doctor told her to do.

- "You will need to get up early every morning and fix your husband a hot breakfast - pancakes, bacon and eggs, the works.

- He’ll need a home-cooked lunch every day, and then an old-fashioned meat-and-potato dinner every evening.

c. It would be especially helpful if you could bake frequently.

- "Cakes, pies, homemade bread - these are the things that will allow your husband to live."

- "One more thing. His immune system is weak, so it’s important that your home be kept spotless at all times."

- It would also help if you are intimate with him several times a week."

d. So the wife walks into the examination room with a sad look on her face.

- The husband, sensing how serious this is asked her, "It’s bad, isn’t it? "What’s going to happen to me?"

e. With tears welling up in her eyes, the wife blurted out, "The doctor says you’re going to die!"

- She was about to do all of that stuff!!