Sermon Illustrations

When Astronaut, Allen Shepherd was preparing to make his first space flight, He was in a news conference and a reporter asked him

It was a legitimate question – the reporter asked,

“Mr. Shepherd, what are you depending on in this flight?”

Now, I’m sure that the reporter didn’t mean the question the way Allen Shepherd answered it –

but it was asked never-the-less in a way that prompted Allen Shepherd to say, (and it’s a classic) he said,

“I’m depending on the fact that God’s laws will not change.”

When you’re getting ready to go into space…

and when your survival and your return to earth…

depends upon all of these laws that God put into place… and staying in place while you’re up there…

It’s pretty important to trust in the fact,

To depend upon the fact – with your life – that God’s laws will not change.