Sermon Illustrations

The greek myth says he was in his late teens, due to his great looks he was a magnet for affection and desire. His list of suitors was countless and his offers of love were endless, yet he rejected them all.

Until 1 day as he stopped by a shaded cool spring, he saw his own reflection and for the 1st time in his life narcissuss concluded that he had found a suitor worthy of his love.

He reached to embrace his new found beauty and to press his lips to the lips of his new found love and when he did the image shattered into a thousand pieces.

He had of course fallen in love with his image.

Time and again he would come to the waters to see the image he loved so much just to see it disappear in the waters of his affection and he weep with bitter anguish.

He soon realized that he was in love with his own reflection and realized that no one else could ever match his wonderful beauty and there at a life giving spring of water died in bitter hopelessness.