Sermon Illustrations

This was something that blessed me from Craig Hill’s book, Deceived! Who me?

Some of you have seen this small radios that can only operate in two bandwidths or range of frequencies, AM and FM.

If set to AM you can only get certain stations that you will not get on FM and if you tune it to FM you can only get certain stations you will not get on AM.

Our spirit is something like that. Some of us, our spirit is AM and others are set to FM.

AM meaning Adamic Man => Such people cannot relate or feel or know the presence of God intimately. Your spirit is in agreement with your soul and body. No Conflict.

FM means Forgiven Man => Such people can tune to God and your spirit is always in tune with the Spirit of God. And it is not in agreement with your body and the flesh (which is the principle of sin walking through your body and mind). This creates conflict.

Your Spirit has been transformed. So whether you walk by your spirit or by the Holy Spirit you will be walking in the Spirit because they are both in agreement.