Sermon Illustrations

Have you ever made a poor choice that ended up destroying many lives? Norma McCorvey was influenced by her attorneys, Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, and used to change the landscape of America. Norma, whose pseudonym was "Jane Roe," was an unmarried woman who sought to get an abortion to end her pregnancy. In Texas, where Roe lived, abortions to end pregnancies not endangering the mother’s life were illegal. So, Roe — being used by her attorneys — filed suit against Texas and took her suit to the Supreme Court. On January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Roe and declared many anti-abortion laws unconstitutional.

In 1995, Norma McCorvey was answering phones at the Dallas clinic, A Choice for Women, when the pro-life group Operation Rescue moved into the office space next door. She tried trading insults with the pro-lifers, but they rebuffed her barbs with smiles, scripture and an invitation to church. McCorvey quit her clinic job later that summer and announced her conversion to Christianity. Operation Rescue’s national director, Rev. Philip "Flip" Benham, baptized McCorvey in a Dallas swimming pool.

In 2004, McCorvey went before the New Orleans Circuit Court of Appeals with a motion to overturn the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision. The New Orleans court rejected the motion and dropped the case.

On Sunday, January 13, 2008, McCorvey, the keynote speaker at a Choose Life Rally in Reno, Nevada, said, "I felt that I was doing something good for humankind, and I was wrong. I stand before you now, and I ask for your forgiveness."