Sermon Illustrations

Dwight Moody was a great evangelist. However, his grammar was very poor. Moody had planned to speak at Cambridge University in England. Most in this University were outraged that a backwoods American preacher would dare to appear and speak in the center of the culture of the English world. When Moody got up to speak there, he stepped to the edge of the platform and, looking directly at the students who were gathered there, he said these words, “Young gentlemen, don’t ever think God don’t love you, for he do!” Everyone was astonished. Moody went on and in a few minutes he said, “Don’t ever think God don’t love you, for he do!” Something about the very ungrammatical structure of these words captured them. The earnestness of this man spoke right to their hearts, beyond all the superficial, external things. A great awakening came to Cambridge University at the hands of D. L. Moody even though he “murdered” the King’s English.