Sermon Illustrations

‘During the trial of Adolf Eichmann, the mastermind of the Jewish holocaust in Nazi Germany, a Jewish man , who had just given evidence against him, was found weeping in the corridor . His friend asked him , “Why are you crying?” The man replied, “Because I realize now that he is just a man like I am.. I could have done what he did.” He had imagined some awful monster but, when he saw Eichmann right in front of him, he realized that the Nazi was just a man and the awful truth dawned on him. There are not two categories of people, good or evil. We are all sinful.

We all need to face up to the fact that we all born in the same condition, we have a bias to reject God, Paul wants us all to see that because before we can be given the cure we need to understand that we are all ill in the first place.